Ravens Fan Celebrates Ravens TD in Cleveland’s “Dawg Pound” (POV Video)

Ravens fan

A Ravens fan found himself deep behind enemy lines as he celebrated a touchdown by Baltimore during a week 3 game between the Browns and Ravens. He also had a camera that gave a first-person account of his celebration and the reaction by the dejected, die-hard Browns fans. It shows that the Browns fans were less than receptive to this Ravens fans. It also shows that this Ravens fan is a dick who just wanted to antagonize the Dawg Pound for a funny video.

Haven’t the good people of Cleveland suffered enough? Also, you could have been a fan of any team, but THE RAVENS? You’re lucky you still have your limbs after what the Ravens did to Cleveland—taking their team in 1996 and beating them last Sunday, 23-21.

Here’s the video:

Yikes. Can’t say I recommend this behavior for anyone who doesn’t have a death wish.

The Ravens made it away with the win. I’m not sure this guy made it out alive. Consider this his swan song.

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