Minor Leaguer Sean Smith Tears ACL During Home Run Trot, Makes It Home (Video)

Minor league player

A minor league player by the name of Sean Smith tore his ACL during a home run trot, which is a pretty shitty thing to happen. However, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL RESTORE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY.

Ok. Maybe not. But it does make for a cute little video. Sean Smith’s home run in the Independent Atlantic League didn’t come with much fanfare until he injured himself tripping after rounding first base.

Because Smith ended up blowing out his ACL, I’ll spare making any jokes about how in the majors you’re expected to be able to run around the bases without falling over…Ok. Just that one comment. I’m done now.

Anyway, as I stated a few times already, Sean Smith suffered what would be learned to be an ACL tear. However, he showed a fair amount of determination in making his way around the bases on just one foot, hopping the distance. Let’s not go overboard, though. It’s not heroic or anything, but pretty cool. I mean, it’s not like you writhe around, then go to the dugout. You have to find your way home, correct?

Here’s the video of Smith making the rounds, pegleg-style:

Given the dearth of action in minor league games, this is the kind of shit announcers live for. This must have made their season.

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