Amazing Steven Souza Catch on Final Out Saves No-Hitter for Zimmermann
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Amazing Steven Souza Catch on Final Out Saves No-Hitter for Jordan Zimmermann (Videos)

by: Esteban On  Monday, September 29, 2014

amazing steven souza catch saves zimmerman no-hitter

Washington Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann owes rookie outfielder Steven Souza a beer.

Why? Because yesterday an unbelievable Steven Souza catch gave Zimmermann something that will stand out on his big league resume for the rest of his career: a no-hitter.

That’s not to say Zimmermann didn’t pitch a hell of a game, because he did. Zimmermann gave up just one walk and struck out 10. However, with two outs in the top of the ninth, Marlins leadoff hitter Christian Yelich ripped a shot to the gap in left field that probably would have fallen in for a double against most left fielders. And at that point, Zimmermann needed help.

Fortunately, the Nationals had made some moves to fortify their defense at the start of the inning, and left fielder Ryan Zimmerman was replaced with Souza, a superior fielder. And Souza was able to track the ball down and make a brilliant diving catch to save Zimmerman’s no-hitter.

Did I say Zimmerman owes Souza a beer? Scratch that. Zimmerman owes Souza a fancy bottle of whiskey. Apparently that’s the going rate for a no-hitter-saving catch.

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