Streaker Gets His 15 Minutes of Shame at Old Dominion-Middle Tennessee (Video)

StreakerA Streaker¬†or a field-crasher elicits a lot of mixed feelings from the sports world. Traditionalists think that they’re a disgrace to the game, and that pro sports matches are no place to try and steal the spotlight for yourself. That’s understandable. Then there’s the other half, who feel that there’s little sacred about sports, and that having people run on the field is a welcome surprise that keeps the games interesting. No matter what camp you fall in, we can all agree that a streaker is, for the most part, an idiot. The only source of debate is how entertaining those idiots are.

Take for instance this gentleman who removed his clothes to find his way out to the field of the Old Dominion-Middle Tennessee game. There’s not a whole lot at stake there, so it seems like a prime opportunity to run around naked for a second. And that’s exactly what this streaker does, because, that’s what every streaker does.

Here’s the video:

It’s always funny to see how security treats a streaker. It’s always a matter of life-and-death to catch him. I guess that’s field security’s only real time to shine so they’re like, “OHMYGOD, it’s a nude male! Let’s tackle him before he…does something else!”

Oh well. It’s fun to watch people get tackled, too.

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