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‘Ugly Kardashian’ Trick Play Gets Middle School Football Team a TD (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, September 29, 2014

Ugly Kardashian

The Ugly Kardashian isn’t what you think it is. It’s a trick play designed by a coach to fool a bunch of middle schoolers into thinking the play is dead, when it really isn’t. It’s one of those plays that you think is fun to watch until you remember that there’s some coach who’s drawing up this play because he knows he can trick some little kids just trying the sport for the first time.

When you think of it that way, the Ugly Kardashian and all these other trick plays seem kinda dirty.

The play, which should be familiar, has the quarterback approaching the ref as though there is something wrong with the ball. Everyone mills around, and before you know it the coach is saying, “Hey! We outsmarted little kids” as the QB runs to the endzone.

Here’s the video:

The only thing funny or cute here is that the play is called the Ugly Kardashian. Besides that, you’ve got an overzealous coach screaming “EXECUTE” and even the people in the stands knew what was gonna happen.

Not exactly sporting.