9 Things We Are Not Going to Miss About Derek Jeter

things we are not going to miss about derek jeter

There are plenty of things that baseball fans everywhere are going to miss about Derek Jeter. This isn’t a list seeking to discredit him. From 1998 to 2000 the guy put together three of the best offensive seasons we’ve ever seen by a shortstop,  and his professionalism was unmatched.

That said, Jeter might also be the most overrated player of the modern era, and that season-long retirement tour was cringeworthy. So there are also plenty of things we are not going to miss about Derek Jeter. And it’s these things that are the subject of today’s list.

Take a few minutes and have a look. I didn’t set out to troll Yankees fans, but if I do managed to piss a few of you off anyway, well, so be it.


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