Bill Belichick Ignores Reporter Who Asks Whether QB Position Would Be “Evaluated” (Video)

bill belichick ignores reporter

In case you haven’t noticed, Tom Brady is not having a very good season so far. Through four games the NFL legend has two interceptions and five fumbles to go with just four touchdowns and 791 yards, which works out to an average of one touchdown and 197.75 yards per game. Accordingly, his passer rating is just 79.1, a good 16 points below his career rating.

Last night’s debacle in Kansas City was particularly bad. Brady went 14/23 with one TD and two INTs for 159 yards and a passer rating of 59.9, looking tentative at times and afraid of getting hit.

For this reason, some are saying this is the beginning of the end of the Tom Brady era in New England. Presumed franchise QB of the future Jimmy Garoppolo stepped in for Brady late in the game and went 6/7 with 70 yards, a touchdown, zero interceptions, and a rating of 147.9. Obviously, that’s a tiny sample size, but at this point you have to start thinking about giving Garoppolo a longer look, right?

Well, not according to the ever-surly Bill Belichick. Last night after losing 41-14 to the Chiefs, one reporter dared to ask whether the quarterback position will be evaluated. In response, Belichick gave him a few moments of awkward silence, followed by a mild chuckle.

I guess we should take that as a “no.” So Brady’s job is safe for now.

Of course, if things keep going this way, it won’t be for too much longer. Brady may be a sports god in New England, but nobody is bigger than winning.

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