809-Pound Mako Shark Caught with a Bow and Arrow, Sets World Record (Pic)

Mako shark

Mako sharks aren’t among the friendliest of animals. I mean, look at that face above. Not the guy’s. The shark’s. It looks like something that escaped from a stomach in Alien. So it’s no wonder that you would want to keep your distance from such a beast when hunting (fishing?) it. And of course a rod and reel essentially attaches the Mako shark to you. Not optimal. So, this guy, Jeff Thomason, decided to use a bow and arrow to catch this beast, Robin Hood-style.

Not sure about the ethics of hunting large fish with a bow and arrow, but we’ll pretend it’s COMPLETELY FINE AND NORMAL, and just marvel at the feat. The Mako shark weighs over 800 pounds, which is a record.

Here, the Tweet tells a fair amount of the story:

From BroBible: “Thomason said 400 pounds of the meat was donated to a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.” 


The Mako shark barely edged out this fish for the record.

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