This Bike Jump Fail Is Made Sooo Much Better by the Kid Announcing It (Video)

Bike jump

Bike jumps are a staple of every little boy’s youth. They were often ill-advised, but still fun, and not (normally) that dangerous. However, as we get older, the memories sort of fade away. Except for this kid. This jump will haunt him because he lives in the information age and decided to document his dumb little jump with a camera phone…

…then upload the bike jump to YouTube.

Here’s the video:

Painful, right? And sort of funny. Really funny, actually. But not as funny as the little kid announcing it like he was announcing Greg Norman’s meltdown at the Masters a few decades ago. Very matter of fact and flat. I like that kid. And I like the kid on the bike, too. They both make me laugh.

Maybe they can get a spot on the Ellen show with that “apparently” kid and do a roundtable.

The victim’s name is Gabe. Feel better, Gabe.

Also, learn how to take a video in landscape mode, you little bastards.

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