Headline Prematurely Runs Story Saying Royals Lost Last Night (Pic) headline

An headline last night was run that proclaimed the Oakland A’s the victors of the one-game playoff between the A’s and the Kansas City Royals. Only problem was, the game wasn’t over. Actually, that wasn’t the real problem. If they had just published it a few minutes early and it remained true, no one would have noticed. But the Royals ended up not losing. They came back and took the game, 9-8, in 12 really fun innings.

It was a great game, and the fact that this incorrect headline popped up made it just a little bit greater. Here’s a screencap from Deadspin:


Maybe next time, you wait for the game to end, even if you have dinner plans and are TOTALLY sure that there’s no way the Royals are coming back against team Moneyball. Cause that’s how these things happen. The editor should have just called the restaurant and said that he would be running a few minutes late. Problem solved.

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