Team Owner Mark Davis Says the Oakland Raiders Want Gruden Back. Stop Laughing, I’m Serious.

Oakland Raiders want Gruden back

Earlier this week Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie fired head coach Dennis Allen after an 0-4 start.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine how any coach could avoid going 0-4 with that roster, and if the team wasn’t going to stick with Allen, you would have thought their 8-24 over the previous two seasons would have gotten Allen fired in the offseason. But no, we’re talking about the Raiders. They waited, just to be sure Matt Schaub wasn’t going to turn things around.

Now team owner Mark Davis says the Raiders want Gruden back—as in Jon Gruden, the last guy to build a winner in Oakland.

This news was first reported by Ian Rappaport, who said the Raiders wanted a “superstar” coach to reshape the organization. Then Davis himself conceded that he might “reach out” to Gruden at the press conference announcing Tony Sparano as the interim head coach.

Really, this is just more dysfunction from the Raiders. On the one hand, Davis says he supports GM Reggie McKenzie, which is absurd because McKenzie obviously has no idea how to build a respectable (let alone winning) NFL roster. On the other hand, the only way Gruden would deign to return to Oakland is if the entire organization gets gutted and he gets complete control over the roster. Thus, if Davis wants Gruden, McKenzie (and everyone else) has to go.

And this is not to say the Raiders won’t get Gruden. According to Michael Silver, Gruden is a big fan of rookie QB Derek Carr, and he still has “an emotional connection” to the franchise. So it could happen.

It’s just to say that the way the Raiders are going about things is so…Raidery.

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