Rally Crash Happens Inches From Spectators, Somehow No One Dies (Video)

rally crash

A rally crash actually occurred ON TOP of some spectators at a very high speed, and remarkably, no one died. In what appears to be a deleted scene from a Final Destination movie, this yellow car at the Jolly Rally Valle d’Aost (no idea what that means), slipped off course, as rally cars often do, then start tumbling towards, on, and over some fans. 

It merits noting that the fans were very much sitting in harm’s way. I mean, this isn’t a marathon. A rally crash can happen any time for any reason, and sitting with your feet stretched out ON THE TRACK is pretty much an invitation for, ya know, death.

Here’s the video. Maybve you should wear a helmet while watching it:

It was a Renault, so it’s likely there would have been as much damage to the car as the people, but it still should have been a much uglier scene than the rally crash turned out to be.

Maybe sit on the inside turn next time, guys?

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