Giants Fan Goes on 'Filthadelphia' Rant Prior to Eagles Game
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Giants Fan Goes on ‘Filthadelphia’ Rant Prior to Eagles Game (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, October 8, 2014
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A Giants fan decided to get both the Eagles and Giants fan bases fired up by releasing a supercut making fun of the behavior of Eagles fans. Hmmm. Not a really hard thing to do, but okay. The result is actually pretty funny, regardless of whether you’re an Eagles fan or a Giants fan.  And it’s appropriately titled, “Filthadelphia.”

Take a look at the “Filthadelphia” supercut from the poster known as Chuck Knoxx, and let the hate flow through you, Vader-style.

The thing that sets the NFC East apart from most every other division is the fact that every division game is essentially a high-stakes rivalry game, because even when a team is out of contention, the strongheaded fans from Washington, Dallas, NYC, and Philly will continue to talk smack for no particular reason.

Case in point: This video coming from a Giants fan.