New NHL Referee Helmet Cam Is Awesome, But It’s Gonna Cost You If You Want to See It (Video + GIF)

nhl gamecenter referee helmet cam

If you’ve found yourself wondering why a subscription to NHL GameCenter costs $160 (USD), the answer is probably “camera angles.” The NHL signed a ginormous deal with Rogers Communications last year that made them the exclusive broadcaster of NHL games in Canada. They are also basically running the NHL GameCenter streaming service, and they say they’ve invested $10 million in technology to provide a wide array of new camera angles—including a referee helmet cam—and now they are passing the bill for that investment on to you.

Don’t get me wrong. The new camera angles, and especially the referee helmet cam, are totally badass. They let you see NHL hockey like you’ve never seen it before. In last night’s Canucks-Flames game, for example, if you had selected the referee helmet cam, you would have gotten this amazing view of a line brawl:

And this amazing view of a disallowed goal:

referee helmet cam

That’s pretty great stuff. We are totally living in the future, and it’s amazing. But it’s also damn expensive. MLB’s streaming package costs $99 for basic and $120 for premium, and that gives you on-demand access to about 4,000 games. The NHL is charging $160 for about 1,200 games.

Who does the NHL think they are? The NFL?

Hat Tip – [Sportsnet]

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