USC Song Girls Explain The 'Ineligible Receiver Downfield' Rule
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USC Song Girls Explain The ‘Ineligible Receiver Downfield’ Rule (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, October 10, 2014

USC Song Girls

The USC Song Girls know that football can be complicated, and at some point, just like when you don’t know someone’s name, you’re past the point of asking and just have to fake it. Well, the USC Song Girls made a video to educate us on one of football’s most complicated rules, the “ineligible receiver downfield.”

I have to say that it’s easier to open your mind and learn from these USC Song Girls than it is when a ref is giving a little tutorial before a college or NFL game. Even if that ref is the muscular Ed Hochuli.

Here’s the video explaining the rule. It’s pretty short for such a Byzantine rule, and the team effort here is much appreciated:

Now if they could just explain to their male counterparts how to cover a hail Mary, the USC team would probably be able to find their way back into the top 25.