Ronnie Price Throws His Shoe at Nuggets Player to Prevent a Fastbreak (Video)

Ronnie Price

Ronnie Price knows how to play the hand he’s dealt. After losing his shoe on the court of a preseason Lakers-Nuggets game, he decided to turn lemons into lemonade by tossing it at Andre Iguodala, who was making a fastbreak.

If you’re wondering if you’re allowed to throw shoes at opposing players as a form of defense – you’re not. This didn’t escape the referees’ attention, who promptly hit Ronnie Price with a technical.

To be fair to Price, it seemed like the toss was a momentary lapse of reason, and was far from malicious. But it was plenty stupid.

Here’s a video of the shoe-tossing incident:

It doesn’t seem like any further action will be taken against Ronnie Price for the incident…Well, besides us making fun of him for a while longer.

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