Tiger Woods Hangs with Raiders Fans on the Sideline of Oakland Game
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Tiger Woods Hangs Out with Raiders Fans on the Sideline of Oakland Game (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, October 13, 2014

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has seemingly flirted with a bad guy persona ever since his adultery scandal about four years ago, but he’s never taken the plunge. Well, if ever you needed proof that he’s embraced the dark side, look no further than Tiger Woods on the field of Oakland Coliseum, wearing black and hanging at the Black Hole with Raiders fans.

He knows exactly what he’s doing. He could have gone to Seattle, or Denver, or Tampa, but noooooo. He had to go to the Raiders-Chargers game. It’s possible we’re reading a little too much into Tiger Woods’ habits here, but he’s not giving us a lot to analyze on the golf course, so we’ll keep doing this, because he’s a pretty interesting guy who really did change a sport.

It’s a different type of crowd than Tiger Woods would normally find at Augusta over the summer.