Columbus Blue Jackets Fan Gets Fired Up with 'Turn Down for What'
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Columbus Blue Jackets Fan Gets Fired Up with ‘Turn Down for What’ (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Columbus Blue Jackets fan

This Columbus Blue Jackets fan strikes me as a pretty excitable fella. I mean, sure, we’re happy that hockey started, but it’s a long road, and being a marathon, not a sprint, maybe you want to save some fan energy for further down the line. Or, maybe this Columbus Blue Jackets fan just wants to have a heart attack as quickly as possible. It’s hard to tell.

Motivations aside, this guy has a Pavlovian, high-energy response to the club anthem “Turn Down for What” that makes him rip off his shirt, revealing the phrase “CBJ Let’s get to work” written on his belly.

Gross. You realize that he probably didn’t write that on himself. That someone he knows had to do that, right? Now THAT’S a favor. A favor you never speak of again.

Here the video of the Columbus Blue Jackets fan turning down for what:

All right. Now let’s all go spray bleach in our eyes and reconvene tomorrow.