Desperation 3-Pointer From Nate Robinson Falls, Because Nate Robinson is Magic (Video)

desperation 3

A desperation 3-pointer with time running out will only fall if you’re a certain kind of player. Or so it seems.

Players without the right mojo will never get an ill-advised desperation 3-pointer to fall. Then there are players like Nate Robinson, who are NOTHING BUT MOJO. The man has leprechaun blood in him, which explains his cheerful demeanor, energy, and luck when it comes to hitting crazy-ass shots like this. Though that shot didn’t put the Nuggets ahead, it’s preseason, and shots like this are probably more fun than an actual win from your team.

Here’s the video. Nothing but net:

This guy has just about every intangible that could circulate in the NBA. He might as well run up and down the court dressed in a rabbit’s foot costume covered in fairy dust. But then again, when you’re 4’2″ playing in the NBA, you need that kind of luck to knock down a desperation 3 every now and again.

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