Jameis Winston Autographs Spark FSU Investigation
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Jameis Winston Autographs Spark Investigation by FSU Compliance Department

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

jameis winston autographs

It’s not against the rules for NCAA “student-athletes” to sign autographs. However, it is against the rules for NCAA “student-athletes” to sign autographs in exchange for money. (Only the schools and NCAA are allowed to make money off these kids’ talent, dammit.) So the huge stash of Jameis Winston autographs that recently turned up in the possession of the same autograph dealers linked to Todd Gurley is a BIG problem for Jimbo Fisher and the Florida State Seminoles.

Gurley, a front-runner to succeed Winston as the Heismann Trophy winner this year, was suspended indefinitely by the Georgia Bulldogs last week. An anonymous tipster claimed to have evidence that money was exchanged for the 500 Gurley autographs that turned up on the website of James Spence Authentication.

So far there is no such tipster in the case of the Jameis Winston autographs. However, after more than 340 of them turned up on the same dealer’s site, Florida State’s compliance department has launched an investigation.

Winston, for his part, has said he did not get paid for the autographs. But just as with the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal last year, the obvious question is why in the hell would a kid sign all those items just so other people can make money off it? And there is no sensible answer to that question other than because they paid him.

However, we have to reiterate that, at this point, the NCAA is not actually involved. Right now the Jameis Winston autographs are just being investigated by Florida State. We’ll have to wait and see what they conclude before we learn what actions the NCAA will take, if any.

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