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Seahawks Fan Crams Purse in Her Pants…Only God Know Why (Pics)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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Seahawks fan

While most NFL fan bases carry with them negative stereotypes, a Seahawks fan doesn’t have much of an image at all. Sure, they’re loud, they’re the “12th man,” and they can be obnoxious, but they aren’t known as embittered, foul people like the fans of certain other teams that will remain nameless.

That doesn’t mean that a Seahawks fan can’t be bizarre. As this pic shows, if you put enough alcohol in anyone, they start to act pretty bizarre. Like this lady, who decided that a purse strap wouldn’t offer enough security, so she crammed her handbag in the back of her pants. Seems like she’s pretty ripe for a pickpocket, if pickpockets existed in Seattle.

It also behooves you to stuff things in your pants if your pants aren’t skintight, which these clearly are, because it’s Seattle, and this lady ran a marathon earlier in the day, or is a trailrunner, or does couples’ therapy using mountain bikes, or something weird like that.

You know how they say that it’s only stupid if it doesn’t work? Not true. This is stupid.