Alex Ovechkin Plays a Sexy, Sexy Man in this Russian Music Video (Video)

Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin excels on the ice. That’s not really up for debate.

His merits as a celebrity in North America can be debated, but in Russia, that’s off the table – the guy’s a national hero. However, that doesn’t mean that he can sell himself as a sex symbol. I mean, I’m sure that a successful, rich, and famous professional athlete has sex appeal, but does that mean that you make him the star of a lusty music video? Just because he’s a Washington Capital, doesn’t make him George Clooney.

But in Russia, it does.

Take a look, then we’ll get to making fun of the Alex Ovechkin video:

Ok. That took forever, but we’re done. Just kidding. I didn’t make it until the end and neither did you.

The creatives behind this video clearly subscribe to the “throw him in a v-neck…that’ll make him sexy” school of thought. Most Russians may subscribe to that reasoning as well, but us North Americans haven’t been that foolish in, gosh, like 18 months.

I don’t think I need to address the Barbara Walters softly lit shots that look like the lens is covered in Vaseline, but there. I did it. Or maybe that’s just the production quality of this video. Either way…yikes.


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