Aaron Rodgers Doppelganger Goes to Green Bay to See If People Mistake Him for the Real Deal (Video)

aaron rodgers doppelganger tom wrigglesworth

Is British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth really an Aaron Rodgers doppelganger? Meh, maybe not. But he does bear a striking resemblance to the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback, and under the right circumstances he would probably make you do a discount double-take.

That being the case—and Wrigglesworth being a comedian—he recently decided to actually go to Green Bay to see if people would actually mistake him for Aaron Rodgers. And of course, he made a short documentary about it.

The verdict? Most little kids and a handful of old ladies were pretty convinced he was Aaron Rodgers. Pretty much everyone else—including Rodgers’s Green Bay Packers teammates—realized he was not actually the real deal upon closer examination. (Wrigglesworth’s utter lack of muscle mass had a lot to do with that.)

Nevertheless, the whole experiment was pretty fun, and for some reason the mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsion, gave the Aaron Rodgers doppelganger the key to the city.

Oh, and Wrigglesworth also got to meet the real Aaron Rodgers.

Take a look:

I wonder if Wrigglesworth’s girlfriend looks anything like Olivia Munn?

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