Laura Barriales Is the Sexy New Host of a Juventus TV Show (Video)
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Laura Barriales Is the Sexy New Host of a Juventus TV Show (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, October 16, 2014
Tags:  Italy   Juventus   Soccer  

Laura Barriales 1

Juventus has an idea that’s just crazy enough to work. That idea is to put the very attractive Laura Barriales on television and see if her presence will help garner attention, and thus revenue, for the company. THEY’RE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO DO THAT!

Juventus has created a TV show just for Laura Barriales, a Spanish model who has been dubbed the “Godmother” of JTV, Juventus‘ TV station.

To celebrate her new position, she made a video. And we have it. Enjoy Laura Barriales, soccer presenter extraordinaire:

Whoa. I mean, even by “hot girl on TV standards,” she’s really hot. I’ll root for Juventus. Even if they sound more like a disease than a soccer club.

I’ll buy whatever she’s selling. So…”Four Juventuses, please. Heavy on the soccer.”

And in case you wanted more Laura Barriales in your life, here are some pics: