This Tom Brady Flop Made Us Want to Scream at the TV (Video)

Tom Brady flop

A Tom Brady flop isn’t the oddest thing in sports. As decorated and dominating as the Pats QB is, you always get the feeling he’d sell out his dignity for one cheap penalty. Welp, after the Thursday night barnburner against the Jets, it’s pretty clear that a Tom Brady flop is a weapon in his arsenal, much to the chagrin of Brady’s detractors.

I mean, even the footage above of the Tom Brady flop is haunting. It’s like the Zapruder film for girlie little moves.

It’s a familiar scenario. Things start to heat up. Rather than walk away, Brady sorta hangs around, and when he gets within striking distance (but not really, it was a weird time to collapse), he folds like a cheap suit and tumbles to the ground.

Here’s the video showing the damning fall:

Ick. I’m gonna take a shower. That’s creepy as hell. You’re pretty much the paradigm of football, Tom. Stand your ground.

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