Kobe Bryant Caps Off a Rough Week by Getting Burned on Crossover (Video)

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant started last week by getting named as ESPN’s 40th best player in the NBA. That wouldn’t be bad news for most players in the league, but many viewed it as a slap in the face to the once-dominant player. Then, as if the ranking was a self-fulfilling prophecy, Kobe showed his age in getting burned by an admittedly sick Alec Burks crossover.

Now, it wasn’t the greatest move in the world, but it was a strong one, and one that young Kobe Bryant would have probably stepped up on.

I could describe the play in the Jazz-Lakers preseason game further, or you could just watch it:

Kobe could only respond with one of those, “old man tumbling to the floor” reaches.

Maybe with some hard evidence, we can start positing that perhaps ESPN only put Kobe on their list of 40 as a courtesy?

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