Lawrence Timmons Puking A LOT Before AND After a Play on Monday
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Lawrence Timmons Puking A LOT Before AND After a Play on Monday (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, October 20, 2014

Lawrence Timmons puking

It’s not clear what had Lawrence Timmons puking all over the damn place on Monday night, but it’s clear he should see a doctor. I’m pretty familiar with the different types of puking and the Steelers linebacker was spraying in a way I’d never seen. Watery and ABUNDANT.

You want a looping video of it happening? Too bad. You’re getting a looping video of it happening.

Lawrence Timmons puking, folks:

Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was some GI distress. Maybe it’s the real-life sight of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard. Whatever it is, it’s more puke than a human should produce. You’ve got a sideline full of doctors, Lawrence Timmons. Visit one. Because next time, you’ll end up puking on a player, and everyone will think it’s funny, except for the player, who will then murder you. Because puking on someone is disrespectful.

Feel free to use the above image as your screensaver or wallpaper.

Oh, and if it was more than nerves, feel better, Lawrence. Maybe brush your teeth, too.