Old Man in a Sweater Kicks Young Guy’s Ass in the Boxing Ring (Video)

Here’s the frustratingly vertical video:

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Lest you think that boxing is just about physical conditioning, this old man would like to show you a thing or two.

In this video, a young, pretty jacked-looking guy sets foot in the ring, laughing about how he’s going toe-to-toe with Father Time. However, the joke’s on him, as the hunched-over elderly man has his way with the youngster in about ten seconds.

Goes to show you that timing and reflexes don’t fade away as fast as muscle does.

By the end of it, the old man unceremoniously steps out of the ring, and the younger boxer is left learning a little lesson about respecting his elders…Or else they’ll beat the crap out of him.

Never fight an old man in a Cosby sweater. They’ve got nothing left to lose.

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