Hilarious Nori Aoki Fielding Error Turned Into Hilarious Nori Aoki Meme in About 10 Minutes (Pics)

nori aoki meme

Well that was ugly. Last night was Game 1 of the 2014 World Series, and the San Francisco Giants beat the poor Kansas City Royals 7-1. It was just KC’s first loss of the postseason.

How did the Giants do it? Well, timely hitting was a big factor. The Giants had it. The Royals did not.

Also a factor: the Giants used their October voodoo (i.e., the same black magic that turns guys like Cody Ross and Travis Ishikawa into heroes) to turn the Royals’ normally competent right fielder Nori Aoki into that kid from your fifth grade baseball team who was afraid of the ball so the coach put him in right field because nobody in fifth grade hits the ball to right field.


(nori aoki fail meme

This “play,” which came with one on and nobody out in the top of the seventh, didn’t cost the Royals the game. It was already 5-0. But it did add insult to injury. And the Twitters quickly turned it into a (somehwat predictable) Nori Aoki meme.

nori aoki meme 6


nori aoki meme


nori aoki 2

nori aoki 3


nori aoki meme 4

nori aoki 5

nori aoki meme 7


But cheer up, Nori. There’s another game today.

Hat Tip – [Gamedayr]

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