Another Year, Another Brilliant Josh Sundquist Halloween Costume (Pics)

Josh Sundquist lost his left leg to cancer at the age of nine. However, he did not let that prevent him from doing the things he loved. So he learned to ski on one leg, and eventually competed for the United States in the 2006 Winter Paralympics. Now he’s an author and motivational speaker who makes his living inspiring others to kick ass at life.

Also, every year Sundquist makes the most out of the fact that he only has one leg and comes up with the BEST halloween costumes.

In 2010 he was a gingerbread man with a leg bitten off. In 2012 he was the lamp from A Christmas Story. And in 2013 he flipped upside-down on his crutches to become a pink flamingo.

So what is he this year?

Behold the 2014 Josh Sundquist halloween costume:

Josh Sundquist foosball halloween costume

That’s right. He’s a foosball player.

Here’s a look at all Sunquist’s costumes in recent years:

josh Sundquist halloween costume 2

My favorite is still the lamp, but this year’s is solid.

I can’t wait to see what Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan cook up.

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