Drake Seen Hugging Raptors Mascot Before Opening Game (Video)
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Drake Seen Hugging Raptors Mascot Before Opening Game (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drake Hugs Raptor

As the official “team ambassador” of the Toronto Raptors, you might expect Drake to have a little bit of animosity (or, at the very least, professional rivalry) with the Raptors mascot. But according to some footage taken from before the beginning of Wednesday night’s home opening game, it’s not so – the two would appear to be getting along fine.

Of course, you can’t always trust a hug nowadays, so it’s still totally possible that Drake and The Raptor are the bitterest of enemies behind closed doors. But the hug looks pretty sincere, and best of all the guy dressed as a dinosaur seems pretty excited to be meeting Drake, so I think we can file this one under “stories to make you smile,” if indeed such a file exists.

If you’re in the mood to smile, you can check out the video of Drake and The Raptor hugging it out before last night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks below. And whatever good vibes that resulted from this meeting must have done the trick, since the Raps ended up beating the Hawks, 109-102.

Here’s the video: