San Francisco World Series Celebration Features Shootings, Stabbings, Fires, Riot Cops—All that Good Stuff (Video + Pics)

San Francisco World Series celebration

Full disclosure: I exaggerated a little bit in that headline about the San Francisco World Series celebration. As far as I know, there was only one stabbing.

There were two shootings, though. And a bunch of fires, and people climbing up on top of buses and street signs, and riots cops, and people throwing bottles at riots cops. So things got pretty ugly. But, on the bright side, at least this time nobody set fire to a city bus. Just a couch, and various piles of garbage…and a dumpster right next to a building.

Both of the reported shootings happened in San Francisco’s Mission District. One victim was shot in the arm and attended to at the scene. The other walked into San Francisco General Hospital. Both were non-life-threatening, according to a police spokesperson, and the shooter is still at large.

As for the stabbing, we don’t know the severity of that wound. But it seems if the person had died, we would have heard about it by now. So no news is good news.

But enough words. Reading is hard. Let’s look at pictures and videos!


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SF won the #worldseries. This guy is swinging on live wire on a bus. lol

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Be safe kids! #onlyyou #sfgiants #evenyears #worldserieschamps

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Just a couple cops ready for a riot. #Giants #sanfrancisco #mission #worldseries

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World Series revelries #taketothestreets

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san francisco world series celebration 2

san francisco world series celebration fire

Congratulations, San Francisco! You did it!

Hat Tip – [CBS & Buzzfeed]

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