The Daren Bates Offside Was Probably the Best Highlight of Niners-Rams (Video)

Daren Bates offside

If you like watching Colin Kaepernick get sacked, yesterday’s NFC West showdown between the Rams and 49ers was pretty sweet, because Mr. Mobile Quarterback got taken out eight times. Otherwise the game was pretty boring, and the highlight was probably the incredibly athletic Daren Bates offside.

Of course, at the time we had no idea Bates’s penalty would be the play of the game. It came in the first quarter, as the Niners tried to wrap up the very first drive of the game with what would have been a 39-yard field goal attempt. Bates was really eager to block said field goal, so he got a running start and leapt over the offensive line, soaring through the air like some kind of football ninja.

Unfortunately, Bates’s timing was just a little off. But he still looked like a total badass and gave Troy Polamalu a run for his money:

From this point on, like I said, the game was all downhill. Colin Kaepernick’s fumble on a quarterback sneak at the one-yard line with nine second left in the game was pretty hilarious-slash-sad, but you certainly wouldn’t call it “impressive.”

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