Meet Hannah Stocking, Girlfriend of Golden State Guard Klay Thompson
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Meet Hannah Stocking, Girlfriend of Golden State’s $70 Million Shooting Guard Klay Thompson

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is off to a phenomenal start to the season. He’s averaged 29.7 points through the first three games, making the Warriors look like geniuses for signing him to a four-year max contract extension worth $70 million.

However, this post isn’t about anything Thompson has done on the court—like how he posterized Robin Lopez the other day, or how he scored 41 points against the Lakers. This post is about Klay Thompson’s girlfriend, Hannah Stocking.

Who is Hannah Stocking, you ask? Why, she’s a model of course. And also a social media superstar, with over 600,000 followers on Vine and over 900,000 on Instagram.

That photo of Thompson and Stocking you see at the top was posted a month ago. But it’s news to us, and probably for you, too.

Here’s a gallery to help you get acquainted with the NBA’s newest high-profile WAG: