Photos of a Shark Stalking a Surfer Will Probably Not Entice You to Give Surfing a Try (Gallery)

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There are many reasons I don’t surf. Chief among them are the facts that I don’t live anywhere near an ocean, and surfing is really hard.

But right up there at the top next to those two is certainly the fact that I have no desire to get stalked and/or eaten by a shark.

The photos you are about to see of a shark stalking a surfer in Australia have done nothing to assuage my fears.

They were taken on September 21 on a beach near the town of Esperance in the state of Western Australia. The photographer, a tourist named Frits De Bruyn, noticed a dark spot in the water behind a surfer. So he whipped out his camera and captured the chilling images.

Take a look:

The man who almost became lunch for what is believed to be a 10-foot great white shark was Andrew Johnson, 38, a local surfer. (No, not the 17th President of the United States.) He told Australia’s ABC Radio that he heard people back on the beach trying to warn him, but he didn’t realize the severity of the situation until after it was over.”

He also said the close call won’t keep him out of the water.

“Every time I go in the water, I know it could be my last day,” he explained. “It’s just one of the risks of being a surfer. You can’t escape these creatures. If your number’s up, your number’s up.”

God what an idiot.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible and Business Insider]

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