The 20 Greatest Manningfaces of All Time

21 peyton manning face manningface

There really is nothing quite like a good Manningface. Some might say that anybody photographed as much as Peyton and Eli Manning would make more than a few awkward faces, and that the only reason Manningface has become a thing is because a famous sports writer (Bill Simmons) turned it into a thing. But people who might say that are wrong. Manningface is glorious. The ability to throw footballs well was not the only thing passed on in those Manning genes.

This is not to say that all Manningfaces are created equal, mind you. Of all the amazing Manningfaces we’ve seen over the years, some definitely stand out above the rest. And today’s list is a tribute to those.

So please, take a look. And long live Manningface.


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