Grizzly Bear Tries to Outrun Car, Comes Pretty Close (Video)

Grizzly bear

I’m not sure why this grizzly bear was running so fast trying to keep up with this car, but I am comfortable assuming it’s because the bear wanted to eat the person taking the video because they took it vertically instead of horizontally. People who do that deserve to be eaten by bears.

This isn’t a sports video per se, but it’s an awesome time to talk about how fast a grizzly bear is. According to, which I would assume is pretty well-versed in this type of info, these guys can get to about 35 MPH. Usain Bolt has once reached 27.44 MPH, and he won’t even maul you! Far less scary than a bear.

Here’s the video. Watch the furry guy fly:

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Why does the grizzly bear stop at the end? Is he hungry? Sad? Horny? No one will ever know, but I would imagine that if I was running 30 MPH for a really long stretch, I might stop because I got tired.

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