Mic’d Up Tom Brady Offers Glimpse Into Adorable Tom Brady-Julian Edelman Bromance (Video)

tom brady-julian edelman bromance

Everybody knows when Tom Brady is off the field, his heart belongs to Gisele Bundchen. But what about when he’s on the field? Who is his main squeeze on the gridiron?

Well Brady was mic’d up last week for the game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, and the footage gave us a pretty adorable glimpse at what can only be described as a budding Tom Brady-Julian Edelman bromance.

Of course, the footage shows other things, too—things like Tom Brady being impressed as hell with that one-handed Rob Gronkowski catch…

But mostly he’s just giddy about Edelman.

Here he is before the game, walking around with an extra bounce in his step, giddy as a school boy because he knows he gets to play with Julian:

And here he is running to meet Edelman in the endzone after his boo scored a punt return touchdown, followed by an absolutely adorable scene on the bench afterward:

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Awwww you guys, they’re in football love!

Hat Tip – [BostInno]

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