Adorable Videos: Andrew Hawkins Son Learns Tough Lesson About Choosing Favorites (Videos)

andrew hawkins son

If you like funny Instagram videos starring adorable kids, this post if for you.

Three weeks ago, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins made a brilliant video starring his young son, Austin. Now, after letting that one simmer, he’s released the followup, completing the epic joke.

The first video begins with Hawkins asking his son who his favorite football player is. Then, when Austin replies “Sanu and A.J.”—i.e., Hawkins’s former Bengals teammate Mohamed Sanu and A.J. Green—he gets kicked out of the house. And that’s it. Poor little Austin is left living on the streets after biting the hand that feeds him.

Fortunately, after a few hard weeks livin’ on the mean streets of suburban Cleveland, little Austin learned his lesson. In the second video, when Andrew Hawkins asks his son who his favorite player is, his son says daddy. So he gets to move back in.

What can we say? Sometimes you have to practice a little tough love if you want to set kids straight.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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