This Soccer Tackle Is So Terrible, the Offender Is Heading to Court (Video)

soccer tackle

The screenshot of this soccer tackle is a little blurry, but a quick run-through of the video should give you the gist of it. FC Zurich and FC Aarau went head-to-head in a match this weekend, and in the 19th minute, something terrible happened.

In pursuing a ball, Aarau’s Sandro Weiser lifted his leg up and took out the knee of Zurich’s Gilles Yapi-Yapo. And when I say “took out,” I mean “took out.” Like, there’s nothing left of his knee after a blown ACL, interior cruciate ligament, damaged cartilage and meniscus. It was awful. 

And while it didn’t look terribly intentional to a casual fan, when you lift your left up like that, you’re going for blood.

As such, Zurich has moved to press criminal charges against Weiser for likely ending Gilles Yapi-Yapo’s craeer with the ill-advised soccer tackle

Watch the video:

In the meantime, Weiser has written on Facebook, “I totally regret what happened. There was absolutely no intent on my part. I’ve had a lot of experience with injury and I don’t wish that on anyone.” 

It will be hard to prove one way or another, but the guy should definitely be punished.

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