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New York Regatta Turns into Hilarious Greco-Roman Clusterf*ck (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, November 13, 2014
Tags:  Clusterfuck   Oars   Regatta   Riverhead   Snowflake  


I’m no regatta expert. I don’t know much about crew, rowing, shells, coxswains, or even water. But I do know that everything that could possibly go wrong in a boat race did at the Snowflake Regatta in Riverhead, New York. It’s hard to tell what the tming was of these different events, but it’s safe to say in the three minutes of footage, 18,712 things go wrong.

Boats run into banks, boats run into boats, boats run into orange windsocks…


…a girl starts bawling in her boat, a boy gets hit with an oar, and oar gets hit with an oar and presumably sinks to the bottom of the Riverhead…river.

And while this would be spectacle enough without commentary, this video is taken from the stands, where New Yorkers, exercising the delicate guidance for which they’re known, call the contestants assholes before losing the hate and slowly moving towards amazed resignation at what’s taking place in front of them.

Here’s the video. Watch it for sure:

Overall, a great regatta. I give it 17 out of 20 oars.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]