NBA Unveils Awful New Christmas Day Jerseys with First Names
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NBA Unveils Awful New Christmas Day Jerseys with First Names (Pics)

by: Penn Collins On  Saturday, November 15, 2014
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Christmas Day jerseys

Yuck. Today the NBA unveiled their Christmas Day jerseys, and they reek. They reek of bad design, desperation (first names, really?), and they reek of a cash grab. These Christmas Day jerseys can just be tossed on the pile of alternate uniforms, shooting shirts, sleeved jerseys, throwbacks, and the standard issue home and away sets. While it’s no surprise that these jerseys are being peddled, it’s still disappointing.

For one thing, it would be fine if the league had a great idea for some cool or fun jerseys, and used Christmas as an excuse to show them off. But these aren’t cool or fun. Popular sentiment on social media thinks they look like practice jerseys or knockoffs, and I’m inclined to agree. If it wasn’t for the first name gimmick, these wouldn’t have seen the light of day. And that’s silly, too. I give the Christmas Day jerseys eight thumbs down.

Are they worse than last year’s? Whoa. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This year’s are bad, but last year’s are still far worse with their silly little sleeves.

Here are a few more images, via Darren Rovell’s Twitter account: