Bennie Logan Doesn’t Let Anyone Touch His Ass, Including Refs (Video)

Bennie Logan

Bennie Logan gave a pretty awesome reaction to a ref giving his backside the old “How do ya do?” in the EaglesPackers game yesterday afternoon. The Eagles nose tackle was lining up to block a kick when the ref notified him to move by touching his backside.

We saw a similar thing happen in the Jets-Pats game when a ref physically moved the Pats nose tackle to get him outside of the forbidden “shoulder to shoulder” area of the long snapper. The difference is that ref didn’t try to move the nose tackle by steering him through his rectum. I wish Bennie Logan could say the same.

Here’s the clip from Sunday’s game:

So it really looks like the ref was touching Logan’s hip, but Bennie Logan may very well consider his hip part of his butt. And you know what? He has every right to do so.

Hands off our asses, refs. Just because you’re the law doesn’t mean you’re above it.


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