Artist Creates Brilliant Series of NBA Nickname Illustrations (Gallery)

NBA nickname illustrations

You probably didn’t wake up today thinking, “Boy, it sure would be cool if somebody would create a whole series of NBA nickname illustrations, because I would love to look at those.” However, now that you know somebody actually has created a whole series of NBA nickname illustrations, your interest is piqued, isn’t it?

That somebody in question is a New Jersey-based artist named named Alberto Berroa Jr. who goes by the name Laff. Yesterday he posted his “Dunkslaps Series 1” on Imgur, depicting a number of NBA stars as their nicknames. And they are awesome.

Of course, not every NBA star has an “official” nickname, so some he had to make up. Some of these are pretty good, though, so maybe they’ll stick.

Take a look:

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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