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Marshawn Lynch: Doesn’t Do Interviews, Does Return Lost Wallets

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch has been a pretty polarizing figure in the NFL recently. Amid all the controversies the league is enduring, they still manage to crack the whip when Lynch doesn’t speak to the press, despite a repeated reluctance and aversion to doing so. But Marshawn Lynch doesn’t need formal press opportunities to build goodwill. If he just goes around returning people’s lost wallets, he’ll be a national hero in no time.

The Seahawks running back found a wallet at a gas station in the Seattle area recently and not only retrieved it, but then drove it to the address listed on the driver’s license, ensuring its safe return. Good man.

AND, when he came across it, he was on his way to a school assembly following a shooting. Good man again.

Does this make us forget that he’s the type of guy that puts a velvet rope around his Lambo? No, but it’s a start. Marshawn Lynch has a long way to go before we let that slide.

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