Watch This Miami-FSU Fan Brawl From Saturday (Video)

Miami-FSU Fan Brawl

In keeping with all we feel and know to be true about Florida, we have video footage of a Miami-FSU fan brawl that took place in the parking lot before their big rivalry game on Saturday.

I think it’s the stadium parking lot. It could also be a refinery or the moon. The video is pretty awful. So we don’t know EXACTLY where it is, but it’s pretty clear what’s happening. Some reasonable, sober, and sane college football enthusiasts are working out, through spirited discussion, who they believe to be the better team of the two.

And clearly, there is some disagreement. Check out the video of the Miami-FSU fan brawl:

These Canes and Noles fans seem to come close to reaching a resolution by the end. Maybe in the future, they could implement Robert’s Rules of Order to guide their discussion. Fewer beers would be spilled, and less faces punched.

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