Dominic Raiola Cut Block Sparked This Witty Burn From Bill Belichick (Video)

Dominic Raiola cut block

The Detroit Lions have failed to score a touchdown in each of their last two games, both losses.  During yesterday’s 34-9 loss to the New England Patriots, the frustrations of their inept offense appeared to finally boil over while the final seconds ticked away, resulting in an incredibly cheap Dominic Raiola cut block on Pats defensive tackle Zach Moore.

The play in question took place very late in the fourth quarter, when a Lions offense that was seemingly begging for mercy decided to kneel it out and concede the 25-point loss. However, Raiola viewed this as an opportunity to get one final shot in—and he did, on the knees of Moore after snapping the ball to quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Here’s a look at the Dominic Raiola cut block that everyone’s talking about today:

This play didn’t go unnoticed, as you’ve probably already noticed.  Many have commented on it, and the NFL will certainly be looking into the matter (the Lions already have and decided to do nothing).  But perhaps the best bit of commentary on this situation has come from the usually tight-lipped Bill Belichick, who offered this theory regarding the Dominic Raiola cut block:

“Sure there was a lot of frustration there with Raiola. He’s never beaten us. Tough day for him.”

Ouch.  When you have Belichick talking, you know you’ve done something wrong.

Lucky for Raiola and the Lions, they’ll have the opportunity to get right back at it when they host a Thanksgiving matchup against a Chicago Bears team that is giving up 27.5 points per game (only Jacksonville is worse at 27.7 points per game).

If the Lions can’t manage to turn things around on Thursday, the Bears’ defensive line will probably want to watch their knees during the fourth quarter.

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