Duke’s Justise Winslow Jumps OVER a Stanford Player to Make a Block (Video)

Justise Winslow

Justise Winslow, ignoring the laws of physics, decided that the best way to block a Stanford lay up was to jump OVER the driving player and swat the ball. And I’ll be damned, it totally worked.

As Stanford was moving down the court, Duke‘s Justise Winslow trailed the shooter, only to spring forward and waywayway up to swat the ball out of the air and out of play. It was terrific.

But what made it super-terrific was the collateral damage—Chasson Randle getting his face slowly wiped by the crotch of a flying Justise Winslow. As if getting posterized with a block isn’t insulting enough, now he’s gotta Purel off several ounces of his foiler’s crotch sweat. Bad for him, great for people who write about these sorts of things.

Watch and giggle:

Would I say Justise prevailed last night?

No. That would be a stupid lazy pun, and you deserve better.

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