Fans Run Onto Field During Bills-Jets Game in Detroit (Video)
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Fans Run Onto Field During Bills-Jets Game in Detroit (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 25, 2014

fans run onto field during bills-jets game

The Bills-Jets game that was supposed to be played in Buffalo on Sunday had to be relocated to Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday on account of the seven feet of snow that fell in the south Buffalo area last week.

So how do you fill 67,000-seat NFL football stadium in just a few days for a game between two out-of-town teams? You give away 67,000 free tickets, that’s how. The Lions, Bills, and NFL acted quickly to create a distribution system whereby Bills and Lions season-ticket holders got first dibs. Then they opened the process up to the general public.

The plan worked, too. Though the stadium filled up somewhat slowly, by halftime the attendance was reported to be a very respectable 56,044.

Of course, only a fraction of those 56,044 fans were actually Bills or Jets fans. The rest were just Lions fans who came out for some free football, and when the game turned into a rout some of them got pretty bored. Which led to this:

Unfortunately, the TV cameras cut away before the good part. According to folks on Twitter, the two field invaders got absolutely hammered by a couple of security guards…who hit way harder than anybody on the Jets defense.

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