Rob Gronkowski Shows Us His Butt After Great Catch & Run (Pic + GIF)

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is having a banner season, not only demonstrating great stats and personal achievements, but also an ability to lead his team after a rocky start while he was still recovering from a knee injury. Also, he’s managing to do it while showing us his butt. Impressive.

Ok. So Rob Gronkowski isn’t repeatedly showing us his butt during his show-of-strength season, but he did show it today as a stubborn athletic push after a reception led his pants to fall. All with too little warning for us to avert our gaze.

It was horrible and glorious at the same time.

Here’s the run from afar:

Rob Gronkowski

And here’s a, um, closer vantage point:

I don’t know where you would work that would make this Tweet merit the NSFW tag, but here’s a link to There are less fascist workplaces out there. Find one.

But the #GronkButt tag? That’s spot on. That is definitely the ass of Rob Gronkowski.

We can’t stay mad at him, even if this was totally uncalled for, and not the way we were hoping to wind down our holiday weekend. Now we just need a GIF of Gronkowski’s ass being re-pantsed. You know, for closure.

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